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Teacher-Centered Coaching


We strive to make an impactful contribution to schools by developing effective teachers, strengthening current instructional practices, and improving student outcomes through personalized, Instructional Coaching, Professional Development, and Cultural Enrichment.

A Coach for Every Teacher

Even teachers can learn something new.

To cultivate effective pedagogical skills and practices



We work with growth-minded instructional leaders and teachers to develop thriving educational communities and transform school cultures around the world. 


We provide additional support for:

  • New teachers - to help them build a strong foundation and incorporate new knowledge and skills into their practice resulting in improved teaching effectiveness.

  • Experienced teachers - in need of support for developing effective teaching and learning practices.

Coaching Success Stories

NYC Instructional Coaching Successes:

Our Education Director has personally coached hundreds of teachers across New York, New Orleans, South Asia, and her home country - Australia.

Within one academic year through a Middle School Initiative run by the New York Department of Education (MSQI), we have had much success:

  • raised struggling readers' reading levels 1-2 levels above grade level 

  • improved student literacy test scores – average 20% growth with over 500 students

  • PD evaluative feedback rating - 95% ‘outstanding’ 

  • significant growth in teacher effectiveness - mentoring in classroom management 

  • introduced and successfully implemented- inquiry cycles, effective teaching strategies and teacher-team collaboration. 

Jaime Coaching Teachers.jpeg
Jaime and Teacher.jpeg

Inspiring and supporting new teachers (such as this teacher who recently came to the U.S from Mexico)


Collaborative opportunities for teachers, coaches and specialists to grow and learn together


Collaborative opportunities for teachers, coaches and specialists to grow and learn together


Culturally Responsive Instruction PD to more than 800 educators in the Salt Lake City District, Utah

Our Coaching Values

MBM Coaching Values Closing the Achievement Gap Transformational Leadership Creating Inclusive Safe Spaces Embracing Cultural Diversity Rigorous, Relevant & Engaging Curriculum Meaningful & Data-Drive Assessment Supporting Instructional Planning Teacher Empowerment Coaching Personalized & Blended Learning Cultivating Resilient & Accountable Learners

Our Coaching Model

Coachin Model

Developing Teachers That Make a Difference

Instructional coaching practices improve the quality of teaching and instructional practices. Teacher-centered coaching is a coaching strategy that is focused on teacher actions in the classroom, versus student-centered coaching, which focuses on looking closely at student-level data.

Quality of teaching will improve through rigorous coaching and mentoring, in turn resulting in increased teacher effectiveness and therefore improved student outcomes.

After a thorough needs analysis and initial meeting with administration, goals will be established, and careful selection of high-need areas will be focused upon for the duration of the coaching cycle.

coaching teachers pic_edited.jpg

Coaching Cycle

A virual representation of our coaching cycle

1) Needs Analysis

Collaborate with school leadership to identify needs and goals in order to provide effective instructional leadership, implement pedagogically sound teaching practices and grow and develop effective teachers,

2) Observation and Data Collection

Intentional and strategic teacher observation of instructional practice, followed by identification of strength and growth areas, classroom management practices,  student-teacher relationships, academic performance, and students engagement levels.

3) Collaborative Goal Setting

Setting goals with leadership and aligning to school's vision and setting attainable goals (short-term and long-term) with teachers.

4) Feedback

Upon teacher observations, personalized feedback including recommendations and strategies will be provided to teachers to improve classroom instruction and teacher effectiveness, and upon coach - teacher collaboration, specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-based goals will be assigned.

5) Reflection

After a collaborative discussion between teacher - coach, the teacher will reflect upon coach feedback, and prepare and plan to implement the recommendations and suggested strategies.

6) Application

Following lesson plan review and feedback, provided by the coach, to ensure the application of recommendations and strategies, the coach will carefully measure the teacher's success and effectiveness of the implementation of targeted goals and recommendations sighted in their teaching instruction.

Teacher Support Through
Transformational Coaching

Supporting teachers and improving pedagogical practices through:



Effective Instructional Strategies



Peer Observations


Sharing Best Practices

Professional Development

Professional Development and

Areas of Coaching Support

After a detailed needs assessment, we will provide you with a customized coaching plan to promote teacher effectiveness and positive student outcomes.  The following are a selection of focal areas that can either be tailored for professional development sessions or for more short or long-term coaching needs. 

Effective Pedagogical Practices

Build teacher's confidence and strengthen pedagogical practices.

Supporting our ESL population 

Build both student confidence, cultural assimilation and literacy skills in mainstream classrooms & after-school programs.

New Teacher Support

Support teachers as they refine their teaching practices to produce positive student outcomes.

Health & Wellness for Teachers & Students

Build teacher's confidence and strengthen pedagogical practices.

School Inter-visitations

Build teacher's confidence and strengthen pedagogical practices.

Culturally Responsive Practices

Integrate culturally responsive practices across curriculum and teaching practice.

Literacy Skills Enhancement

Support teachers in developing programs and strategies that increase students literacy skills (3-4 years below grade level).

Curriculum Development

Support teachers in the development of intentional, engaging and culturally responsive lessons/units that promote student success.

Student-Centered Classrooms

Exploring strategies that are student-centered and focus on student agency and deep exploration (inquiry).

Peer Modeling Exchange Program

Build teacher confidence, strengthen teacher relationships and teaching and learning practices through peer observation and self-reflection.

Ongoing Teacher Support

 Build teacher's confidence and strengthen pedagogical practices through transformative coaching & professional development to support a sustainable coaching model.

Student/Teacher Discussion Panel

Build teacher-student relationships, and create opportunities for student agency and growth in teaching and learning.

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