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Philippines Educational Initiative

BEEP (Bike Empowerment Education Program)
Philippines ‘100 for 100’ Initiative

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Student Impact

See how our BEEP program has created impacted for students in San Miguel, Philippines

Join Christy, one of our Filipina teachers, as she embarks on her daily journey to get to school, which takes her just over an hour. She takes a motorbike in her city (Tabaco City) to the seaport, travels across the ocean to a small island (San Miguel), and finally takes a motorbike up a mountain through rural settings to finally get to school.

Watch this video to see our partner school, San Miguel National High School, which is located on a small, remote island and students walk up to 3 hours just to get to school

The average teacher's salary in the Philippines is $400 USD/month. So to save money (50 pesos/$1 USD), teachers walk one portion of their journey (downhill from school to the seaport), which takes them around 30 minutes.

Student Bike Training and Orientation

Ceremony Day: Bike Distribution